Thursday, 12 May 2016

Postcards: Term 2, Week 1

Look at our proud postcard winners! These three sure deserved their postcards; they're great role models for Rimu Hub.

Mac is shining as an independent and collaborative learner. His questioning and sharing help himself and others to learn better.

Jodi is a role model for others in Rimu Hub. She knows her own learning, tries super hard and is always kind to others.

Cameron has started the term with a super-positive attitude to learning. He is managing his distractions well.


  1. well done mack jodi and cameron you did well to get the post cards

  2. well done post card people

  3. well done! guys you really deserved those postcards.

  4. well done to all of the people that earnt a postcards

  5. Well done you guys for getting a postcard :-)