Monday, 29 February 2016

Blogger of the Week #1

Rimu's first Blogger of the Week is Van. Van shows real enjoyment of blogging through his own posts and his supportive comments on other students' blogs. He has really tried his best as a Blogger in our first few weeks and truly deserves this award for his enthusiasm and effort. Well done, Van!

A Comment from Van

Awesome work Taylor. Love the details, I bet you worked your very very very best. Keep up the good work.

Friday, 26 February 2016

Postcard Week 3

Well done to the amazing students who received the postcard for this week. We have seen some amazing behaviour and great attitudes from the students this week.

Victoria is an amazing leader and such a fabulous role model to everyone. She is always helpful and positive.

Rain is just a Year 4 and is brand new to using a device and being in Nga Rakau Nui. Her great attitude and wonderful classwork had seen her earn this postcard.

Skyla is an awesome member of Rimu hub. She is kind and caring and will always help others when she can. She is also an excellent "finder".

Well done to these excellent students. We are so happy to have you in Rimu hub. You are all great role models.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Charlie's Underwater Achievement

Last week Mrs Love set a challenge to swim as far as you can underwater for all our students. Charlie, who is a Year Four, stepped up to this challenge with grit and determination. Not only did he swim the furthest out of all the students, Charlie managed to swim the whole length without breathing!

Champion underwater swimmer!

See if you can recite this poem in a single breath! (Click to enlarge)

Our First PRIDE Awards

Congratulations to our first P.R.I.D.E. award recipients for 2016. This time they have been given to three Young Leaders who have started the year very well. They have been role models of respect and responsibility in Rimu Hub and across Parkvale School. We are very lucky to have them in Rimu!

Bella C



Monday, 15 February 2016

Postcard People Week 2

Well done to the newest postcard earners in Rimu hub. We are so lucky to have all of these learners in our hub!


Brayden is one of the young leaders in Rimu hub and it is clear to see why he was chosen early for such an important job. He is such a great learner and an amazing learning buddy. He is always on task and helpful to others. He is a real superstar role model to others.

Maia is new to Rimu hub this year and is a Year 4 learner. She is already showing how self-managed she is, and how great the questions she has are.  Maia has awesome behaviour. She is doing an awesome job so far.

Mitch is also new to Rimu hub this year and is a Year 5 learner. He has such a great attitude towards all of his learning and is great at making sure he understands his tasks well. Mitch is very positive and has excellent behaviour.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Meet the Hub

Thank you to all the whanau who came to our information meeting. It was nice to see you and be able to communicate our messages about our learning environment. The PTA picnic afterwards had a really lovely community feel. I liked how all the children were showing Parkvale PRIDE outside school hours. A special thank you to the students in the video below who contributed their thoughts on our hub so far this year. We were very proud of your contributions and so happy to share them with the parents at our meeting.

Here is the slideshow that we shared. It includes the video. We will be making many more of these videos over the year.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Buddy Reading

We have started Buddy Reading with our Learning Buddies. Each buddy picks a book from their leveled box to read to each other. For the first two sessions we have been lucky enough to read outside under the trees. The students have taken it very seriously and been excellent readers and listeners.

Below the video you read what some of the students have to say about our buddy reading so far.

Buddy Reading from Kieren Moriarty on Vimeo.

I like spending time with my buddy I'm on level 26. I'm really good at listening at buddy reading  and my buddy is always listening to. I love buddy reading because it always gives me air and refreshes my brain and I get to spend time with my buddy. Van

I like about buddy reading is that we get better at reading together and we learn hard words together. My buddy's reading is good because he reads at a good past. I have been very very good at listening to my buddy read his book. My buddy have been a fantastic listener when I'm reading. Mitch 

So far this year I have really enjoyed reading together with my learning buddy. I love how we both get to share and that the other person listens to you. My favorite things to read are the plays in the journals. They are very interesting and are always fun to read. My buddy is really good at listening cause at the end she always gives me a compliment and is very nice. I think that I am pretty good at listening too. I can't wait to do more reading with my buddy. It is so much fun! Liske

I like buddy reading because it is fun to do and I like to read! I have a school journal right now and it has a great story in it, it is: The McGoodys. My buddy has been great at listening and I have been great too. Taylor C

Friday, 5 February 2016

Term 1 Week 1 Postcard

Congratulations to the first three members of Rimu Hub to be acknowledged with a postcard.

The postcard is one of the most special rewards in Rimu, and it is always an exciting time when the teachers can give these out. A note to your parents is a very awesome achievement.

Here are the three amazing students who earned a postcard this week.

Camden has been great at showing leadership in Rimu Hub so far this year. He has been full of digital help and had had such a positive attitude towards school. He has been very organised with his learning tools and is really stepping up as a leader.

 Naomi has just joined Rimu Hub as a year 4. She is already working so beautifully with her learning buddy and has been great at sharing her knowledge as well. She is always kind and caring, and uses her initiative well. We love looking at her learning tasks.

Bella is a Young Leader at Parkvale School and has already shown this year why she was selected for this role. She is such an excellent learning buddy, showing responsibility, patience, empathy and many other important qualities. She is also super organised with her learning and has amazing behaviour.
Bella is a super role model to everybody at Parkvale.

Well done to these 3, and also the people who earned certificates today. We can't wait to see who earns them next week.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

What is your favourite book?

To start our literacy for the year, we have been thinking about and sharing our favourite books. We then have been creating short reviews using Google Drawing. I chose Wonder by R.J. Palacio, which is a book I have really enjoyed reading by myself and together with two classrooms.

As a learning model, I created three short reviews of Wonder at three different levels. Below is the level two example.

Level 2 Model
It was great to hear all the different books that were Rimu favourites. The students have quickly got on with the learning task and created interesting reviews. Two students, Oscar J and Oscar W were chosen for the Weekly Highlights wall for their great jobs.

Oscar J's Favourite Book

Oscar wrote to his personal best. You could tell from his writing that he really enjoys the book as well as the movie. We like how he included his favourite part of the book and his great structure with clear paragraphs.
Oscar W's Favourite Book

Oscar W wrote to his personal best. His review showed that he truly loved the book. We loved the part where he wrote "every time I read this book I feel like I'm Dirty Bertie
Weekly Highlights Wall

Monday, 1 February 2016

First Day Fun

Rimu Hub was a busy modern learning environment today. It was great to see lots of whanau in the hub this morning - the rooms were humming with excitement and anticipation.

We had a nice day together with the students. There was a lot of setting up of digital stuff - but we got there and it was so positive to see the students helping each other. One of the most fun parts of the day was the maths games rotation. The pairs of learning buddies all worked well together and showed loads of enjoyment. We also saw some pretty sharp maths skills.