Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Postcards: Term 2: Week 7

A belated congratulations to our wonderful week 7 Postcard winners! They have been stretching their learning muscles and all three are role models for our school.

Bella shows the collaboration learning muscle whenever she is working with others.
Jodi shows the empathy and listening learning muscle consistently in all learning environments.
Bella-Marie shows the absorption learning muscle whenever she is working on a learning task.

Kia kaha, Rimu!

Monday, 20 June 2016

PRIDE Awards: Term 2, Week 7

Two superstar P.R.I.D.E award winners this week (no spoilers, but our third might've been at the rippa rugby tournament and will have to wait to the next PRIDE assembly). Sage and Benji have been showing PRIDE throughout the year. Read their certificates below to see what learning muscles they were using.


Here is the updated P.R.I.D.E. award. It was...


Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Postcards: Term 2, Week 6

Week 6 was a wonderful week of celebrating Matariki. Here are our fabulous Postcard winners who represented Rimu Hub so well!

Mya has been exercising her learning muscles perseverance and absorption really well.

Oscar had a great week, really absorbed in his Passion Project, Matariki workshops and exercising his collaboration muscle in helping Parkvale win the Mathletics competition.

Brayden continues to grow as a leader in Rimu Hub. He has been exercising his empathy and listening and interdependence muscles; as well as showing perseverance with his own learning.

Kia kaha Mya, Oscar and Brayden. Who will win the Postcards this week?

Friday, 10 June 2016

Our super sporty students!

Lately the teachers have been lucky enough to go to watch some of the students in our hub play some sports.

These pictures are of some of our soccer superstars. They were taken at a Queens Birthday tournament in Napier over the weekend.



These are the results for Van's team.

These pictures are of some of our youngest netballers. They had a tough game, but we saw some excellent defending and some great passing from the girls on Tuesday night.

The girls in this photo are Jordan B, Rain, Taylah M, Jessica and Alize. We loved coming to watch you play. Great job!

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

What Do Parkvale Teachers Do After School?

Here is our assembly item from last week. The students enjoyed performing and the rest of us enjoyed watching. Well done to Keighan, Liske, Victoria, Ruby, Bella, Brayden, Khushi and Jodi who wrote the script with the talented Mrs Carr! Their script is below the video.

What do teachers do after school?

Keighan & Liske
Victoria & Ruby
Bella & Brayden
Khushi & Jodi

Start in a line wave in a half circle.

Narrators: What do teachers do after school?
What do teachers do when the bell rings at quarter to three
When you hurry home so glad to be free
When the classrooms are hushed and the hallways are too
When everyone’s gone what do teachers do.
Do they start to play sports?
(Taylah M and Skyla step forward, Skyla blows the whistle and they start passing the ball)
Do Mrs Miller and Mrs Love jump to the courts
for a friendly game of netball?
Or does Mr M race to staffroom in a blink
for game of  basketball in the sink?  
(MAC is pretending to shoot the basketball into the sink (Bucket))
Or will we see Mr Ford
Out on the pitch
Juggling soccer balls over a ditch?
(Mitch Steps forward soccer tricks)
Or will we see Miss Major, Mrs England and Mrs Kelly
doing cartwheels, handsprings with legs that are jelly
(Oscar W, Karamea Rain doing gymnastic tricks cartwheels)
Or do we hear complaints from Mrs Ramsay
Being dragged up a hill
By Mrs Hill’s drills
(Naomi and Mya Wanden…..)
Or do we see Mrs Beswick on her sewing machine
Fixing and mending the holes in her daughters jeans?

(Sage pretending to sew on a machine, hold up fabric with a hole in them)
Or could we find Mrs Reid and Miss HIll away their room
Chewing on lollies and playing hockey with a broom?  
(Nixie pretend to eat  lollies and caitlin pretends to play hockey with a broom)
Next we are out in the garden spying
these two songbirds, a song supplying
Mr Wright with the tune and Mrs Frewin with the beat
                      Singing peacefully out on a seat
(Charlie and Reuben strum guitar and hum a song)
Is it Miss Pohe and Mrs Lowe practicing a song or two
strumming the strings singing it loud and true
(Mya Wallace and Ella sing Tutira Mai Nga Iwi)
Now taking the stage is
Mrs Carr’s facebook page,
Starring her horse
And selfies of course
(Maia Willaims holding a phone and a hobby horse taking a selfie)    

                       Baking cookies and other goodies  
Miss plimmer and Miss jacket,
Are causing a racket,
These two mysterious teachers are alone in the kitchen
(Amie and Reese have a bowl and and spoon mixing)

But where on earth is Mr Dickson

(Aston, feet up on the desk relaxing back with disco ball headphones on bobbing head)
Finally we see Mr G alone in his office,
Disco ball sparkling, playing music he took off us

knock knock knock
(Camden Steps forward and Pretends to knock on the door)
Aston: …. Hello Mr D-
shoving the disco ball under his knee

(Amie and Reese cross the stage towards Mr D and Mr G who are having a party)

The smell from the kitchen is coming this way
as the ladies come to treat them on this last day of May
After a while when it starts to get dark,
will they leave for home or is  time to party with Mark

(Everyone freestyle dancing)

Will they run for the hall and jump on the stage
and start to boogie, boom the music and forget their age .
Time to have fun
but where is someone?

(Dance to the sides)

Pac man music

Everyone: GASP  Mr Kenny!

Postcards: Term 2, Week 5

Here are our wonderful Postcard winners from Week 5. We have two Year Fours and one Year 5 this week. They have been exercising their learning muscles well.

Jordan has been especially good at using her perseverance muscle to achieve her learning tasks.

Amie has been using her empathy and listening muscle to learn off others and make the most of her learning opportunities.

Charlie has also been using his empathy and listening muscle to help him have lots more success in his learning.

Kia kaha Jordan, Amie and Charlie! I wonder who will win the Postcards this week...

PRIDE Awards: Term 2, Week 5

Here are our superstar PRIDE award winners from last week's assembly. You can see what learning muscles they were using well by reading their certificates below.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Ethan's Torches

I am putting the torch together.
Ethan read a tricky book about torches in his reading group. He used electrical equipment to create a circuit. It was hard to make all of the wires match up. In the end, he got the bulb to light up! Here are some pictures and Ethan's comments.

These were the materials that I needed to use.

The yellow wire is connected to the on/off switch and the light bulb.
The battery is connected to the bulb with a red wire.
The on/off switch is connected to the battery with a black wire.
We turned off the lights so we could see the torch glowing.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Postcards: Term 2, Week 4

Congratulations to our superstar Week 4 Postcards!

Ruby has been an outstanding learner and leader. She has been using her Learning Muscles, Planning and Revising to achieve more.

Ella has been Managing Distractions well and is Year 4 who is growing the skills to be a self-directed learner.

Victoria also continues to be an outstanding learner and leader. We have noticed how much she has been stretching her Perseverance and Questioning muscles.