Tuesday, 15 March 2016

What Was Camp Like?

What has Amie found?
The river pool was my biggest challenge because all us were struggling and fighting over our ideas in our group. It was really fun and hard. Van

The river walk was my favourite activity because it was a big challenge. I am so glad that we didn't have to walk the other way because there were rapids and if we went the other way we would of got swept away. Jessica

My biggest challenge on camp was making my desert because all of the ingredients kept on slipping out. Isaiah 

The biggest challenge on camp for me was when I had to go across the hanging bridge. Amie

I met my goal because I was a leader even though I didn't have a badge and I showed PRIDE. Cameron

When I put my foot on the bridge I started to shake because I was VERY scared. But when I went further I wasn't scared anymore. I kept on saying to myself, “Don’t Look Down Khushi!
When I finally made it, I said……….. “I WANNA DO IT AGAIN!!” Khushi

Khushi, Sienna and Mac building their pool.
Spotlight was my favourite because I didn't get found by the adults and I got found once by the kids. It was amazing. Benjamin

My favourite part of camp was making the banana boat because it was fun preparing it and we got to eat some leftover chocolate chips! Sienna

My biggest challenge was doing try to dodge all the cow poo at Weka. Jacob

My favourite part about camp is going in the river because it was also really scary in some parts because it was really deep and I thought that I would slip through the tube. Mya Wan

My favourite part of camp was roasting marshmallows at Weka. I like making the skin black then the inside is soft and squishy. The best part would probably putting the marshmallow in the biscuits. Mmmmm, Yummy. Julius

My car ride was the best ever because we got to have lots of singing competitions and gobbled through five bags of lollies. Not to mention the awesome driver Jono who is the best at singing. Liske

Mya getting her hands stuck into the 3D Word Find.
The paper planes was my favourite activity because you got to make an aeroplane and you got to have a race as well. Maia

My favourite part of camp was the river walk because I have never gone on a tube for that long. Toby

My favourite part of camp was having the dog follow us because I like dogs. Nixie

My favourite part was Onekawa pools because I really enjoyed the hydro slides. Connor 

It was super fun! When I first saw it I thought “I going to die” but when we got to the end I wanted to do even more times. Also in the middle I started to bounce a bit but then I stopped. It is the best bridge ever! Ruby
Nikita, Bella-Marie and Nixie have their swimming pool sussed. 

I would rate camp 10/10 because the river walk was fun and I liked all the activities as well. Camp was fun. Ella

My favourite part on camp was our first free time because I had tons of fun playing tag with Deegan and invading the cool little hut. Oscar E

I liked the Riverwalk the most because the tube popped on me, Cameron and Mitch. Tyla

My biggest achievement was going on the Swing Bridge because I have never been on it and I can get nervous easily. At first I was a bit nervous but when I saw everyone else doing it I knew that I could do it. At the start I was nervous and in the middle I was a little nervous and at the end I was proud of myself :) Rory

My wire bridge experience was cool because I was the last person to go across and I wasn't even scared a bit. I was behind Brayden on the wire bridge and I had to go slow because Brayden had a sore foot. I looked down and saw a beautiful view of the river. It was amazing. Keighan

Which word is Rory showing?

The funniest part was at Weka. We were on the task after the boat task. When it was my turn to pull out the ring in the river, I walked out to Jono, I jumped in the hoop and...SPLASH!!! I fell right through the hoop because it was so big! I was soaking wet everyone laughed,even me! Naomi

The wire bridge experience was the best thing I've ever been on because James was jumping and we were going flying. Oscar J

I would rate camp 10\10 because it was set up great and very fun. Mya Wall

My favourite part of camp was doing activities because we all worked like a team. Kahn

I liked the river walk because it was fun and challenging. One challenge was trying not to fall over on rocky bit and fast rapids. One fun bit was at the camp fire at Weka, when we had our desserts. Victoria

Mya is in control.
The funniest part of camp was when Karamea tripped over and her hand landed in a cow paddy. Alize

In our car ride we listened to music all the way. All the dubstep music. George

My favourite part of camp was doing the pool construction by the river because it was really fun trying to get the water flowing into the pool with Skyla and Julius. Kaydence

I rate camp 9.9999 because I had so much fun and also I liked all the activities. My favourite part was doing all the games on the last day of Omatua. I am sad because I can’t do this again because it is my last year at Parkvale. Brayden

At first I was fine. The view was beautiful, the sky was a misty pink sunset colour, the clouds weekend drifting away from me, like the steam from boiling soup. Then I hit me I was so high up. My head was saying I can’t do this but I said I could. I walked across and went down the steps, finally I made it, and I said “I WANT TO DO THIS AGAIN!, IT’S SO FUN!” Jodi

Jodi, ready to fly to Omatua.
Wow the wire bridge was so fun and scary at the same time. It was exciting to be on the wire bridge and see all the wonderful things from up high. Rain

I felt excited to go to camp because I like the outdoors and experiencing things I have not done before. Mitch

My wire bridge experience was freaky at first, but when I got on it, it was not so bad. Sage

I rate camp 10 out of 10 because it’s great to get out to the great outdoors. You just can’t stop having so much fun. Camden

I liked the river walk because it was a great experience and I didn’t want it to finish. The view we had was awesome. Bella C

Mitch, Maia and Daniel being collaborative.

My favourite part will have to be when we cooked the toasties on the big fire pit.They were yummy… Holly

My favourite part of camp was the riverwalk because I like going in the deep bits. Aston
David, Tylah and Aston enjoying their construction.

My favourite part of camp was playing in the bamboo forest because you can climb so many awesome things. Jordan B

I think that I met my goal because my goal was trying to do stuff with my group and to not give up. Monica

My favourite part is the river walk because we got a flutter board and got to float on them and my friends Jessica and Naomi sent out an adult for us and he gave us a BIG flutter board. Taylah M

My favourite part of camp was the river walk because I liked to go tubing and swimming in the deep parts of the river. Bella-Marie

I felt pretty excited and happy about camp. Reese

Look at all that collaboration!

Coming soon: THE WIRE BRIDGE video!


  1. Wow, Rimu whanau, your reflections show that you had lots and lots of fun challenges at Omatua and Weka. This makes me feel even more nervacited to being going off on our camp adventure tomorrow. Thank you for sharing your special moments from camp. Mrs R

  2. Amazing work Rimu Hub. I now wish I could have come out for the whole time. Sooooo glad you all faced some personal challenges and succeeded.

  3. camp is cool
    wow Amie that is a big rock
    kai pai

  4. man that was fun i seereisle wont to do it agen

  5. camp was awesome thank you teachers for setting it up

  6. Good work Rimu hub Camp was a lot of Fun

  7. Good job to all the people who's name is on the blogpost.
    You all have done a very good job.

    Sincerely Bradyen

  8. Wow......sounds like it was a great camp and fun was had by all

  9. wow sounds like you had a good time a camp.

  10. Wow looks like Rimu Hub had an amazing time, it shows through all your reflections and photos. :)

  11. wow sounds like people had heaps of fun at camp.

  12. Good job every one at camp you really showed pride and were respectful to the two campsites.And for some the wire bridge was a challenge but good job crossing it.Well done Rimu Hub

  13. Camp was so FUN!!! Every day I wish I was going to camp I LOVED it that much!!!

  14. camp was fun and it was a treat for us and i hope that we enjoyed.

  15. I think we all showed pride and had fun well done kai pai

  16. Thank you Anika, David and Caitlin foe your wonderful letters....I loved them

  17. WOW Rimu Hub...Thank you so much for the letters you sent me, they were really well written and had great detail about camp. I really enjoyed camp and meeting all of you!
    You are a fantastic group and are really lucky to have such a great combination of teachers for 2016.
    Thank you all for letting me share your experience at Camp Omatua and Weka.
    Dom's Dad. Eden

  18. Wow! I loved reading your reflections, you all had such an awesome time. The River walk was obviously a huge hit and enjoyed by everyone. You guys are so lucky that your teachers were willing to give up their precious family time to give you all adventures of a lifetime. Make sure you thank them.

  19. I think we did great at camp keep up the great work!!!!:):)

  20. When will that wire bridge video come out???

  21. Anika jerram 201610 June 2016 at 13:44

    camp was a lot of fun (LOL)

  22. i loved camp it would of been my highlight of the year so far.