Monday, 22 August 2016

Postcards: T3, Week 2

Here are our superstar postcard winners from Week 2. They have all put lots of PRIDE into their learning and interactions with others. Kia kaha Jodi, Benji and Tyla!

Jodi continues to be a great Year Six role model. She is becoming more confident in directing and questioning her own learning.

Benji continues to grow as an amazing Year Four student who enjoys his learning.

Tyla is making fantastic progress as a Year Five. Her confidence and enjoyment of learning at school are both shining through.

Congratulations to our postcard winners and to the students in Rimu Hub who have helped them!

PRIDE Awards: Beginning Term 3

Kia kaha to our first P.R.I.D.E. award winners from Term 3! Finley, Victoria and Whetu heave been superstar learners who have been exercising their learning muscles. Check it out in their certificates below.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Lucky Lunch

In the first week back this term, Rimu hub were put into learning buddy groups, and given a number of short Olympic activities to work on. This was designed to build some quick knowledge on the Olympics and the various different aspects of them.

The groups were given a time frame to meet, and some success criteria, making the tasks into a group challenge. The winners got to have lunch with the teachers!

The lucky team was Charlie, Bella, Karamea and Benji. Pizza was a highlight of the lunch, and lots was eaten by all of the kids.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Postcards: T3, W1

Here are our superstar postcard winners from the first week of term 3. They have all made a fantastic start to the term. They have all been exercising their collaboration learning muscles as part of an Olympic immersion group.

Karamea has been a great group member who has stayed focus to help get tasks done.

Bella has been a fantastic leader that has made sure everyone is fully involved, contributing and enjoying themselves.

Charlie was a very good reader in the group who showed strong research and information finding skills.

Learning Muscle - Revising

Rimu Hub has had a closer look at their Revising learning muscle over the last two weeks. Rimu watched a video about a young boy called Austen and identified the importance of revision and editing.

Take a look:

We noticed that Austen made many drafts each time making improvements from the feedback which was very specific.
Rimu had their own go at revising some poorly written sentences about the Olympics. They corrected spelling, added punctuation and decorated their work to make some great improvements.

Olympics- Silver for Women's Rugby

Today we were lucky enough to be able to watch the Women's 7's rugby final in our hub. The kids were allowed to watch, or carry on with their learning tasks.

It was a very quick and exciting game, with lots of intensity shown by both teams. Unfortunately, we lost the match, but luckily it meant we still won a silver medal! And we got to see it live at school.

So lucky!

You can see from the pictures below that it was a pretty exciting match with some good and not so good parts.

It was a close match!
It was a nail biter!
Benji and Finley looked after each other,

There were some exciting moments!

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Olympic Immersion

We have just begun our Olympic project based learning. For the first week, in our learning buddy groups, we completed nine immersion activities to build our knowledge of nine different aspects of the Olympics. We learnt a lot about the Olympics and we exercised our collaboration learning muscles working together. Following this, we got our own research time before choosing our own Olympic-based topic.