Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Postcards: Term 2, Week 5

Here are our wonderful Postcard winners from Week 5. We have two Year Fours and one Year 5 this week. They have been exercising their learning muscles well.

Jordan has been especially good at using her perseverance muscle to achieve her learning tasks.

Amie has been using her empathy and listening muscle to learn off others and make the most of her learning opportunities.

Charlie has also been using his empathy and listening muscle to help him have lots more success in his learning.

Kia kaha Jordan, Amie and Charlie! I wonder who will win the Postcards this week...


  1. Well done you guys.I have been seeing you doing all the things that has been said about you.You guys really deserve that postcard those postcards.

  2. well done guys keep it up great job

  3. Well done to you three! You guys are great role models.

  4. Please REPLY:who do you think should get the postcard next week Camden Bruce june the 10th

    1. I think liske should get the next post card because she is allays on task and not making around and talking to other people at lerning task time

  5. well done people who got a post card

  6. well done to you three i think you really deserved them expechily the two year fours that have never had a post card before from rimu well done you guys

  7. Well done guys you really deserved it!!

  8. good going guys ceep it up