Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Buddy Reading

We have started Buddy Reading with our Learning Buddies. Each buddy picks a book from their leveled box to read to each other. For the first two sessions we have been lucky enough to read outside under the trees. The students have taken it very seriously and been excellent readers and listeners.

Below the video you read what some of the students have to say about our buddy reading so far.

Buddy Reading from Kieren Moriarty on Vimeo.

I like spending time with my buddy I'm on level 26. I'm really good at listening at buddy reading  and my buddy is always listening to. I love buddy reading because it always gives me air and refreshes my brain and I get to spend time with my buddy. Van

I like about buddy reading is that we get better at reading together and we learn hard words together. My buddy's reading is good because he reads at a good past. I have been very very good at listening to my buddy read his book. My buddy have been a fantastic listener when I'm reading. Mitch 

So far this year I have really enjoyed reading together with my learning buddy. I love how we both get to share and that the other person listens to you. My favorite things to read are the plays in the journals. They are very interesting and are always fun to read. My buddy is really good at listening cause at the end she always gives me a compliment and is very nice. I think that I am pretty good at listening too. I can't wait to do more reading with my buddy. It is so much fun! Liske

I like buddy reading because it is fun to do and I like to read! I have a school journal right now and it has a great story in it, it is: The McGoodys. My buddy has been great at listening and I have been great too. Taylor C


  1. I like how everyone is reading nicely

  2. Good work rium on buddy reading

  3. Oh yeah you guys rock in those photos. I love buddy reading

  4. Oh yeah you guys rock in those photos. I love buddy reading

  5. Wow there are so many amazing learning buddies in our hub
    we are so lucky

  6. Every rocks all of you guys are the best readers in the world.

  7. thats so cool Larry the lamb