Friday, 5 February 2016

Term 1 Week 1 Postcard

Congratulations to the first three members of Rimu Hub to be acknowledged with a postcard.

The postcard is one of the most special rewards in Rimu, and it is always an exciting time when the teachers can give these out. A note to your parents is a very awesome achievement.

Here are the three amazing students who earned a postcard this week.

Camden has been great at showing leadership in Rimu Hub so far this year. He has been full of digital help and had had such a positive attitude towards school. He has been very organised with his learning tools and is really stepping up as a leader.

 Naomi has just joined Rimu Hub as a year 4. She is already working so beautifully with her learning buddy and has been great at sharing her knowledge as well. She is always kind and caring, and uses her initiative well. We love looking at her learning tasks.

Bella is a Young Leader at Parkvale School and has already shown this year why she was selected for this role. She is such an excellent learning buddy, showing responsibility, patience, empathy and many other important qualities. She is also super organised with her learning and has amazing behaviour.
Bella is a super role model to everybody at Parkvale.

Well done to these 3, and also the people who earned certificates today. We can't wait to see who earns them next week.


  1. Well done to all of you's that got given a post card.
    Great job Camden for such hard work to get the post card you deserved it.
    Awesome Job Bella you also deserved it you are such a great role model.
    Wow Naomi your such a star even being a year 4 well done.

  2. Well done getting the postcard im impressed with you guys

  3. Congrats Camden, Naomi and Bell! You deserve to have those postcards.

  4. Great job to all of you guys!
    Great job CAMDEN for your first postcard and Naomi to!
    Keep up the great work :)

  5. Wow good job
    Great job Camden you were so helpful in the first week and your first ever postcard

  6. Keep the good work up i hope you have another postcard WOW

  7. well done you guys i am pround of you i hope you get it again great job people.

  8. well done you guys i am pround of you i hope you get it again great job people.

  9. Wall done to all of the fist people to get postcards for 2016.

  10. well done for getting a post card

  11. well done for getting a post card keep it up

  12. great job all of you. your parents must be so proud of you.