Monday, 22 August 2016

Postcards: T3, Week 2

Here are our superstar postcard winners from Week 2. They have all put lots of PRIDE into their learning and interactions with others. Kia kaha Jodi, Benji and Tyla!

Jodi continues to be a great Year Six role model. She is becoming more confident in directing and questioning her own learning.

Benji continues to grow as an amazing Year Four student who enjoys his learning.

Tyla is making fantastic progress as a Year Five. Her confidence and enjoyment of learning at school are both shining through.

Congratulations to our postcard winners and to the students in Rimu Hub who have helped them!


  1. Nice work guys i have seen you guys been working really hard in then working area's and you show pride everywhere well done

  2. awesome work you guys keep it.

  3. Nice work guys, you guys totally deserved it, keep up the great work!
    Great Job!