Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Postcards: Term 4, Week 1

Here are our superstar Postcard winners from our first week of Term 4. They have all been working really hard on their learning.

Anika has been absorbed in her learning tasks and is building her perseverance learning muscle.

Benji has been stretching his capitalising learning muscle to make the most of his opportunities.

Caitlin has showed that she is stretching her managing distractions and perseverance learning muscles.


  1. good job you guys you worked really hard for it.

  2. Nice work guys, You have been working really hard to achieve this goal and get this postcard! Keep up this great learning. Great job guys!

  3. good job very nice keep it up.

  4. Nice job Postccard winners all of you guys really deserved to get the post card but for some of you it was your goal to get a post card.POSTCARD WINNERS! Good job

  5. Well done you guys sounds like you have been working really well keep it up kai pai to all three of you guys well done.
    Postcard winners.