Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Postcards: Term 4, Week 2

Congratulations to three more fantastic Postcard winners! Here are their proud smiles :)

Mitchell has been stretching his capitalising learning muscle to make the most of his learning opportunities.

Bella has been stretching her collaboration learning muscle to learn effectively with others.

Victoria has been stretching her capitalising learning muscle to make the most of her opportunities.

Tu meke, Rimu postcard winners!


  1. well done Mitchell,Bella,Victoria. you guys have done
    awemsomly great dont give up and kai pai.

  2. well done on your capitalising Mich and Victoria and well done Bella on your collaboration

  3. well done Bella and Victoria you guys are doing really well in class you have been using lots of your learning muscles well. You guys are doing well in class keep up the very very very good work. don't give. kai pai.