Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Camp Tomorrow!

We're heading to Camp Omatua and Weka Point tomorrow. We are very excited!

The Wire Bridge
At the end of the day the students asked questions they had about camp. I thought I would share them as they may be very helpful for others. See you all tomorrow!

Questions for Camp

What will we put in our daypack?
Lunch (lots of food), drink bottle (water), sun hat, jacket. You should already have your own sunblock on.

What time are we coming back?
Regular time on Friday afternoon (before school ends).

If you’re sleeping in a dorm, do you need to bring a mattress?
If you’re in a dorm both nights, you don’t need to bring a sleeping mat.

Do we need to bring baking?
Yes please, or a packet of Farmbake biscuits.

Will there be any lights when we go to sleep?

What time will we go to bed?
Aiming for a 9 o’clock bedtime. If you start getting too tired, you can go to bed earlier.

What if we don’t have a torch?
We will try and get a spare one for you.

What time do we have to be at school?
8.30, no earlier than 8.15 please. If your parent is coming, you can be here at 8.00. If you’re a little later than 8.30 that is okay. If you have to be here early, you will need to go and play.


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  2. Thank you teachers for us Rimu hub to having this opportunity and getting very thing ready

  3. thank the teachers for setting this up for us we really appreciate it :-).

  4. The bridge was so cool walking across

  5. Camp was fun Thank you teachers for organizing the trip :)

  6. Wow the camp was fun and the camp weka point (the bouncy bridge) it was scary for me. I LOVED CAMP WEKA. ;)

  7. Camp was AWESOME Thank you teachers for organizing the trip

  8. Thanks Teachers, Parents and the students that made camp so fun!

  9. I loved the wire bridge how it moved a lot made it really fun.

  10. I was so nervous because it was my first time going to camp but when we did a phew activity's I reliesed it was really fun I had a great time.

  11. camp was awesome I hope we all a great
    time .It was a new a strategies for some of and a new thing .Thank you teachers .

  12. Looks like there were lots of good qeushens i loved camp.

  13. camp was one of the most greatest camp ever i liked playing spotlight even though i didn't have a torch

  14. I like everyone's comment what they liked their