Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Rimu Puzzle

We created a Rimu puzzle to begin the year. It reflects our unity together as well as us as individuals. It is an artwork that communicates ideas about us.

"I think the idea is great! This as a puzzle would be good. It shows each of our fav things and joins it together as one good work." Camden

For each of our puzzle pieces, the success criteria was:

  • Some green for Rimu (but not all green)
  • Represents you in some way (about you)
  • Number is on the back, on the bottom (so our puzzle fitted together)
  • You have to be careful - you only have one piece of the puzzle!
  • Materials - only from the art trolley, plus sharpies for outline only

Can you tell who made each piece?


  1. WELL done RIMU nice puzzles

  2. I can tell that the 4th one at the bottom is Khushi's because I know she liked Stacy Plays.
    Great Job Everyone!

  3. I also think that the dark green puzzle
    pieces are the teachers :)

  4. wow I think everyone did a great job and followed the success criteria. keep up the good work rimu!

  5. Wow everyone!! you did amazing work with the puzzle pieces:)!!!

  6. Superb art Rimu and what a great idea. I have to say my favourite on first look is the one with Messi....Who's was that one??

  7. I think it turned out great everyone's looks so unike and so cool:)!!

  8. i think we all did an great job making this amazing work of art! did you know art is one of my favorite thing's to do?
    Again great work to everyone. Keep it up!!! ;D

  9. Nice puzzle Rimu Hub students

  10. i think that it looks amazing it turns out that all the puzzle pieces stand out i think we all did an outstanding job

  11. lookes like there is heaps of create vs i rimu I can't wait till we do more art.

  12. Karalyn Tavendale-brooks24 March 2016 at 20:52

    My favorite is the first one on the sixth row down with the big L.