Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Postcard Week 7

Our week 7 Postcard People have been really growing their Managing Distractions learning muscle. They are focussed on their learning.

Toby has had another fantastic week. It is very rare for a student to get two postcards in a row but he deserves it.

Sienna is putting her personal best into her top quality learning tasks. She is developing as a self-managing learner.

Jessica is also putting her personal best effort into her learning tasks. Her writing is especially creative and descriptive.

We are very proud of these three students. Rimu Hub is lucky to have such awesome learners.


  1. Well done you three really deserved to have a postcard :)

  2. Well done you three you really deserved to have a postcard :)

  3. Nice work guys, you guys have worked so hard to do it. Nice work Toby for getting it twice.

  4. love how you our showing so much pride into your work and respect all the other things good job :)

  5. rimu roxs because we have thees people

  6. good job of getting a post card